Thursday, November 21, 2013

Spending the day with Francine LaSala ***Indie Author Event and Giveaway***

Good Morning Bookers!! Or afternoon/night, wherever you may be! We have the honor of hosting Francine LaSala today and I've already added the books we will be featuring today to my TBR! Throughout the day I will be posting her book info but for now, let's get to know Francine!


I’m honored and delighted to be appearing on The Book Blog! Thanks so much for letting me invade your reading space for a day.

For those who don’t know me, I am a quirky oddball who writes quirky oddball books. All of my stories (those that are published and several on deck waiting to be published in 2014), feature protagonists who are lost in life, not sure of who they, desperate for footing. Then something “magical” happens, and things begin to make sense.

Maybe it’s boring to always tell the “same” story, but for my works, it’s really the only thing that connects them. I’ve jumped genres from screwball chicklit to kooky thriller, and next year, for your enjoyment, look out for a quasi-paranormal about maenads living in modern times and a multi-generational fractured romance. Why do I do this? Because I’m nuts, I guess. A frustration to traditional publishers. A bane, in some ways, to agents.  Thank goodness indie publisher Diversion Books likes me (Bridget Jones fans will get this) “just as I am.” (A nod to the late Mark Darcy--why oh why did Helen Fielding kill him??)

Sometimes I do things that are not writing fiction. Sometimes I edit fiction (on my own and sometimes with “editing teammate” Samantha Stroh Bailey). Sometimes I edit nonfiction. Sometimes I ghostwrite both. Sometimes I blog. I, with Sam, and another author pal, Meredith Schorr, founded and run BookBuzz. I also help others with social media campaigns and do email marketing. I build websites and write cover blurbs. I founded The “Joy Jar” product to help keep people focused on things that make them happy when life otherwise suck.

So yes, I am a busy bee! I am a woman of many interests. Hopefully never “a person of interest.” I just want to make you laugh and mess with your mind a little. Really, what’s the harm? Come on and take a ride with me. It will be fun! And please email me, whenever: francine@francinelasala.com.

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