Monday, November 18, 2013

Introducing Karyn Sallee ***Indie Author Event and Giveaway***

Good morning/night/afternoon Bookers!! Today I have the honor of hosting Karyn Sallee for the Indie Author Event! Her debut, Breaking and Entering will release on November 30 and I'm going to share with you some snippets, pics and some info on Karyn! I will also be posting her Pinterest link and I have to say, if her pinned pictures are what she uses as inspiration, then I can't wait to read this!! They are hella good!! I may even give you a taste of what I've gotten to look at!!

Meet Karyn:
I am a New Adult Romance Author preparing to publish my first novel Breaking and Entering. I currently reside in Danville KY with my husband. We have 4 children, an interesting Son-in-Law, an incredibly beautiful granddaughter, and three unruly dogs. 
Writing has been something I have always done. When I was in school studying art I spent as much time writing about my art as I did making it. I have always had a creative romantic side. I can be doing the most mundane of chores, but in my head I have characters screaming for release and plots that keep circling around. I felt it was time to set them free of the confines of my own imagination and share them with you.

If I am not at my computer writing, I am in class trying to get my BS in Psychology. My area of interest is Forensic Psychology. I love all things abnormal about the brain. I also love understanding criminal behavior. 

If I am not in class, I am with my family. Carting the kids to wrestling and soccer. On the occasion I can encourage my oldest daughter to bring her by, I am playing with little Emma. We are a close family. My kids are awesome individuals and make my world completely interesting. 

In short I am a random kid and dog collector, a Woman of Wrestling (real wrestling not that stuff you see on Monday nights) and always above all else a mother and wife. Wrestling is a sport that teaches resilience, inner strength, self discipline, and integrity. I will get on my soap box and let the world know this is the greatest sport for kids of all ages and any gender. 

I have a few addictions:Reading, Writing, Chocolate, Serial Killers, of course College Wrestling, and the latest...Big as Hell Sloshy Drinks from Sonic! (I call them sloshy because if you drink a whole one you can completely hear it slosh around on the inside! No Joke!)

That is just a little information about me. I find it difficult that anyone would think I am all that interesting let alone take the time to read this but if you are the one person to read this info...thanks for the interest and the support. It is unexpected but appreciated greatly! So Thanks! If you are interested in knowing even more details about my very ordinary but imaginative life check out my other links to FB, Pinterest, and Google plus. I can also be found on GoodReads. Soon I will be found on Amazon and Kindle! (Fingers Crossed). 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorKarynSallee
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/ksalleeauthor/breaking-and-entering/
Website: http://www.pinterest.com/ksalleeauthor/breaking-and-entering/

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

See what I mean? 

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