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***Blog Tour Stop*** A Blue Tale by Sarah Dosher

The rock legend’s daughter…
Eli Blue Savage doesn’t trust musicians, especially those that idolize her dad. Her heart’s been broken by everyone she’s ever loved. Fairytale dreams and the music she locks inside her heart are all that keep her alive.

The musician with a dark past…
Deacon Chastain plays a blue guitar to match his rock idol, the man that saved him from a path of destruction. His life revolves around music; it’s the only thing that saves him from the darkness.

Hearts beat to the same rhythm…
Broken and scarred by their pasts, can they find a way to heal and move forward? No matter the adversity, even the hardest of hearts can be softened by love – music is easy; life is hard.

Jenn's Review
Elizabeth Savage or Eli Blue met a boy at one of her dad’s concerts when she was just a girl. She changed that boy’s life that day and all she did was introduce him to her dad. He had no idea who she was when they met. She just promised to introduce them. Kirk Savage was a rock god and he was the boy’s idol.

Eli is all grown up now. She’s still dealing with the loss of her dad. He was her everything but, the drug habit he kept secret took him from her. She’s going to make him proud though. She had taken over Savage Man, her dad’s record company and it was going to be a success. One band has been signed and she was looking for the next. Unforgiven hit the stage and they were good but it was the guitar player, hidden in the back that spoke to her. Or at least his music did.

Deacon needed this break and what did he do? He put the moves on the hot chick in his dressing room. He didn’t give her a chance to speak but when he finds out its Eli Blue Savage, he doesn’t believe her. There is no way Eli grew up to look like this! So he storms out of the room and she doesn’t hear from him for a week. He’s pretty sure he just effed up any chance he had with a contract. But, also with the girl that he fell in love with all those years ago.

Eli signs them anyway. She knows what she heard and it was good. And here begins a tumultuous relationship with Deacon and Eli. She falls more in love with him every day but his past dealings don’t want to let him go. This leads to Eli suffering more than she can stand and this breaks her.

Oh my goodness, I had a hard time during this part. It was absolutely heartbreaking for everyone. How do you keep on living when you’ve now lost so much?

I enjoyed this story as a whole. Only a few places where I wanted to skim and it didn’t last long. Then I’d end up going back and reading it anyway. I mean, I really couldn’t miss out on the hot guitar player that had moves to make you melt! He was tortured and dealing with so much but did his best not to let it show. Enjoy ladies! You don’t want to pass up this guy!

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About the Author
Sarah Dosher was born and raised in rural Oklahoma where she currently resides with her cowboy husband and twins (one cowboy and one cowgirl). She spends her day slaving away in healthcare and her nights pouring her heart out to her keyboard. She is addicted to books and The Golden Girls. Her love for reading inspired her to start her writing journey.

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