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Debut Novel by MJ Nightingale
Fire In His Eyes

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At thirty years old Monica is about to discover real passion for the first time in her life.  A chance encounter in a Tampa bar brings Victor into her life.  Sexy as hell, secretive, and incredible in bed, Monica is overwhelmed in every way by this ex-military man who introduces her to all kinds of new and exciting experiences.

Monica is a school teacher who longs to experience the joy and thrill of passion.  She has battled a past filled with trauma, and depression.  Finally free of her fears and guilt, she begins to explore.  That is when she meets Victor, a man who has his own demons to battle and secrets to keep.  When he meets innocent Monica, he wants to experience all he can with her. She is innocent, yet willing; barely touched, but incredibly passionate.  Victor's past has scarred him, and despite his feelings he keeps Monica at a distance.  Why?  Because he fears those secrets will destroy them.

But, Monica and Victor are soul mates.  They have the same hot passions. Will they find their happiness with each other?  You must read to find that out.  But, they most assuredly do find pleasure.

The genre is: Erotic Romance

Favorite Quotes

“You didn’t seem this shy on the dance floor.  You can move! I was imagining you moving like that under me in my bed
 “So, what is your name?  I want to know what to moan in my sleep when I dream about you tonight.”

Sandy B's Review

Girl meets hot sexy ex-military boy named Victor in a bar.  Monica is a goody two shoes teacher whose youth was scarred by a terribly violent rape.  To say she hasn’t had much experience with men is putting it lightly.  Victor on the other hand has had plenty of experience with women and is ready, willing and able to share it all with Monica.  There is one condition “Don’t fall in love with him; Don’t get close to him; Don’t miss him; Don’t get attached.  He can only give one weekend a month due to his other “obligations”. 

You would think that would be enough to send most women running for the hills.  Nope!  Not Monica because the sex is off the charts. Unlike anything she’s ever known.  The girl is sprung, hooked, whipped or whatever you want to call it.  She’s had a taste, she likes it and she wants more.  She plays along hoping that what she feels, Victor will feel, if he just gives them a chance.  Really?! Who does that?!  He told her over and over, the same thing, like a mantra.  The constant repetition got a little annoying actually.  At that point, is he trying to convince Monica or himself? 

I do think that it would have been nice to know more about Monica’s life from the rape to where we “meet” her again.  Both of these people are hurt from past events, both are flawed in their own way and both are also drawn to each other like a moth to a flame.  There were several times during this book that I wanted to smack one or both of them.  Which I guess considering all things is good.  Reading a book that makes me “feel” is one of my favorite things EVER. 

I’ll be watching MJ Nightingale develop.  Hopefully, you will too.

About The Author

MJ Nightingale has been a teacher for twenty–two years.  She graduated from University in Canada with a Bachelors of Arts degree majoring in English, and honoring in American History.  She went on to get her Bachelors of Education Degree in Secondary Education.

Reading has been a part of her life since she was a child. She has been an avid lover of classical English and American literature, but romance has always held a special place in her heart.  She devours romance novels all summer long, and any type of fiction; thrillers, crime, suspense, and drama.  She has published poetry, lyrics for song scores and short stories under a different name.

She has taught Creative Writing to high school students for over fifteen years, several who have gone on to publish works of their own.

She currently lives in Florida, where she continues to teach, with her wonderful husband of eight years, and her twin sons.  She plans on pursuing her writing career full time very soon.



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