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Lesley's Review of Kitchen Affairs by Brooke Cumberland

Drake Stagliano is a high maintenance man from a wealthy empire family in Chicago. He managers The Riverside Hotel/Restaurant where he only expects the absolute best. With a past filled with being used and heartbreak, the last thing he expects is to find a woman he can't control himself around... a chef intern.

Molly Woods is not your typical 23 year old. She's in her last semester of culinary school and interning at Drake's restaurant. She's closed dating off her list - her only priorities are finishing school & her 4 year old daughter. When Molly is pursued by Drake, she does everything she can to deny the chemistry and sexual tension. However, that doesn't last long & she finds herself completely mad over him.

When an intimate video goes public, Molly's internship and credibility is threatened. She's lusts for the one man she's been able to connect with after the sudden death of her late fiancĂ© - but can Drake hold on for the emotional ride? Molly will need to let go of her past in order let Drake in. Fall in love with this steamy, funny, & romantic story of two people who find each other just when they both need someone the most. 

Lesley's Review
Ironically, I'm sitting in my kitchen writing this review. I’m conflicted as I write this review. Let me start by saying that I enjoyed this story. I thought the story was absolutely interesting. I loved Molly she was a strong, single mother who, despite her sad past was able to move on and create a life. You have Drake the handsome controlling, "gets what he wants" boss. These two have an instant chemistry. It’s a recipe for a good story but, somehow the recipe was missing something and maybe a little bit too much spice.

It starts off with Molly, she has been awarded the internship at the famous Riverside Restaurant. She's the top of her class, despite her clumsiness.  She comes off as almost innocent and tad bit naive. In walks Mr. Drake Stagliano, the handsome rich, demanding and relentless boss. It was instant love between the two. I thought he came off a little pushy and I almost wanted to tell him to take a walk and leave Molly alone. Molly tries to keep things professional until, well until she just gives in. Molly is scared to care again. She lost the love of her life to a car accident and doesn’t want to live through loosing someone ever again.
“….But it’s been difficult moving on, even after all these years……”
“Molly you are my everything…..Please Never doubt that”
In walks Travis. He stirs up some unknown or some confusing feeling with Molly. We get a little bit of a triangle going on. Travis falls head over heels for Molly and presses home the point.  Of course we can’t forget Drake’s obsessed EX and we have several courses of problems. We all know how crazy those other woman can be.  I can’t forget the supportive step in dad, Michael. He basically has raised Stella with Molly. He is funny and quirky.  He sounds like my kind of fun.
This is where I’m struggling, as much as I liked the story, there are some things that irked me. One of those quirks being the fact that Drake and Molly didn't really have a lot of dialogue between the two of them. Several times in the book an incident occurs that calls for some explaining instead of sex but we get sex. Yes, I get that there is passion and they can't help themselves but what do you have to sustain yourselves with after the sex. I felt there were more conversations between her and other characters, than her and Drake. I felt at times it was overly detailed and there for missing some important character bonding. I would have liked more of her thoughts, then her actions. I’m torn with this one. The storyline is interesting but the execution of the story could've been better for me. I give the book 3.5 stars almost 4. I think for a debut novel it was a step in the right direction and the author shows promise. I will watch for her new releases and I hope to see her blossom.
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