Friday, May 16, 2014

***Review Tour Stop and Giveaway***Secret Alpha (A is for Alpha Male) by Laurel Ulen Curtis

I’m Dan Smith, and I’m currently living two lives. Maybe even three if you really look into it. Haley, Allison, Hunter, Wade, Sergio, and Isla all exist in one or more of them somehow.
Am I a supporting role in their stories, or are they merely characters in mine?
You decide.

Haley told her story. Now I’ll tell mine.

She said. He said.

This is my story.

Note: Secret Alpha is the second book in the A is for 
Alpha Male Series and must be read after A 
is for Alpha Male.

Warning: Some explicit language and sexual content. 

Jenn's Review

I absolutely loved A is for Alpha Male. I loved the characters and I laughed my way through the entire book. I also didn’t figure out who Dan was before he made his announcement and I loved that even more! So, when I learned that Laurel was writing Dan’s story, I had to have it.

There have been times that I didn’t enjoy books in the alternate POV. Mainly because it ends up being the same story, just with a different voice. This was not the case this time. We get an entirely different story! Sure, when Haley and Dan are together, it was the same words but quite a bit of the book, they aren’t together. He literally has another life to live when he’s not with Haley.

I had wondered when he figured out who Haley was and it was actually pretty quickly after meeting her. Haley, her mom Allison and the things that come out of Haley’s mouth had me laughing out loud frequently. Remember when Allison passed out cold in Dan and Wade’s driveway? Hilarious. I loved that Dan read the Rock Chicks throughout the book. Very glad he appreciates the alpha male of Kristen Ashley. And, very glad Laurel Ulen Curtis created characters that took that appreciation to a whole new level. I enjoyed the book from beginning to end. It was still difficult to read when Haley’s world dropped out from under her but we all know how that ends!

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About the Author

Laurel Ulen Curtis is a 27 year old mother of one. She lives with her husband and son (and cat and two fish!) in New Jersey, but grew up all over the United States. She graduated from Rutgers University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, and puts that to almost no use other than forecasting for her friends and writing a storm chasing heroine! She has a passion for her family, laughing, and reading and writing Romance novels. She’s also addicted to Coke. The drink, not the drug.



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