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***Release Blitz and Giveaway*** Hero by Leighton Del Mia

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Title: Hero
Author: Leighton Del Mia
Release Date: February 27, 2014
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance Standalone
Calvin Parish They call me Hero. I defend. I protect. I ask for nothing in return, and that makes me good. Doesn’t it?
That which makes me the ultimate predator also feeds dark impulses I’ve learned to control—until I bring her too close. For years I’ve watched her from afar, but what started out as duty has become obsession.
Cataline Ford I work hard. I play by the rules. I’m content. My scars are quiet and invisible, and that keeps me hidden. Doesn’t it?
One fateful walk home, I’m taken by someone I didn’t know I should fear. Captive and afraid, nobody will tell me why I’m confined to this hauntingly beautiful mansion. I’m given everything; I have nothing. He takes what he needs from me, and for that I hate him. But I might have loved him once.
And just because you’re reading this doesn’t mean I survive him.

Lesley's Review
 Hero was one of those highly anticipated-”I’ve got to have it”- type of books. Once you read the blurb it just sucks you in. The dark and mysteriousness creeps out to tease you. I walked into this one without a clue of what was going to be happening. I mean aside from what the blurb says…but that really doesn’t tell you much.  The not knowing is what fueled the experience for me.  It added that extra bit of intrigue.

“It’s true; I’ve spent my life trying to do the right thing, see the positive in people, find the light in the darkness. This is where it led me.”

 The main character, Cataline, is portrayed as the sweet girl next door. The one that follows all the rules, the one that trust those she shouldn’t and she knows it. She moved away from her foster home because they never really felt like family. With a new grip on her life, she starts building her future. Cataline lands an awesome job at a media company. Except for the fact thatShe detests her boss, she loves her job. And ogling the CEO. She’s just a normal girl wanting a normal life.  BUT…. One night on her way home, Cataline finds herself in a tragic situation. She’s kidnapped.

“If you are thinking of flying, Sparrow, know that I will catch you. There is no escape.”

When Cataline wakes, she finds herself in a mansion. Who’s mansion? Where? Why? For how long? These are some of the questions she tries to ask. However, not a single one of the staff will speak the answers. Oh, they speak to her. They are actually nice and have not harmed her. This to me is unsettling. Just think…she’s being held against her will but is almost pampered. Never knowing if or when the other shoe is going to drop. Thoroughly confused, Cataline starts to rebel against the rules.

The man of the house has no choice but to step up and control Cataline. It’s his way or the hard way. He is not a man for chaos. There are rules to be obeyed. Strict rules made to keep mistakes at bay. He must be in Control at all times. When he reveals himself to Cataline it’s to assert his control. Surprise. He claims to be keeping her there to protect her. Who does she really need protection from?  Yeah.

“It makes so much goddamn sense. There isn’t a person in the world who could save me but you.”

Hero was definitely one of those that managed to shock me. I thought I pretty much got over that with other books. No. This one managed to make me feel uncomfortable and hot. It made me feel trapped and on edge. The story inside the mansion was fantastic. Truly. I mean there were some awkward parts that were a little much for me. I did not find them appealing at all but this was Cataline’s story. I don’t have to like what happened to her. (I’m sure some of you will know exactly which parts)  I just rolled with it because I wanted to find out the rest. While in the mansion, the story was told well and held a strong foundation. However, the rest of the book, the surrounding story if you will, seemed thrown together and slightly lacking. It was as though everything that happened outside the mansion wasn’t as important. Maybe not but to me it felt rushed. To easy. With all that being said I would rate this one at about a 3.5 to a 4. I’m hovering between the two because there were parts that deserve the 4 but I just can’t give it a solid 4. I encourage you all to let us know what you thought…..

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About the Author
Author Pic LDM
Leighton Del Mia lives behind large sunglasses and under massive headphones. She can usually be found behind and under these things at any Starbucks on the West Coast, which is where she writes twisty books between sips of black coffee.


Keep Me (A Hero Novella)
magic size

“I will disappoint you. I will hurt you. If I could be different, I would. But I don’t think I can.”
Declarations and sacrifices have been made. After three years, a better life is finally on the horizon. But when the past leaves marks that are both painful and permanent, is there ever such a thing as starting over? Can memories be replaced or forgotten—and should they be? Keep Me is a follow-up novella for Hero readers who want a glimpse of life after breakfast. It is only intended to be enjoyed after Hero and is not a standalone. It is entirely optional and not essential to the original plot.

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