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***Lesley's Review of Tethered by L.D. Davis***

From the New York Times Best Selling Author of the Accidentally On Purpose trilogy…

“You were born to be mine and I was born to be yours.”

Donya Stewart’s chest filled with the soft beating wings of butterflies when she first met Emmet Grayne’s green eyes at the ripe age of five. Unable to identify the tugging pressure within her when in his presence, Donya moved through the first several years of her life addled by her feelings for the boy who was her best friend’s brother, and very much like her own sibling. But one cool autumn night in her mystifying teenage years, Emmet erases any ideas Donya has of him being anything like a sibling.

Donya and Emmet, unable to deny the invisible cord that fetters them together on an incredibly visceral level, begin a long journey on a road abounding with challenges, hurdles, and destructive forces. Their love for one another is absolute, and the emotional link between them is strong, but when they make a series of painful decisions and mistakes that pull them apart, the strength of that tether is challenged.

Donya’s career as a model took her around the world and away from Emmet who was working hard for his law degree. When Donya makes a hard decision for both of them, the tether between them stretches beyond what seems possible.

“The tether contorted and quivered and groaned in protest.”

With age comes maturity and hindsight. Will Emmet and Donya have to live apart and with the consequences of their choices? Happy endings aren’t always a guarantee, even for two people who were born into this world for each other. Will the link between them bring them together or prove to ensnare them in heartache?

If you are in search of an angst-filled romance novel, get tied into Tethered…

Note From Author: Tethered is meant for mature readers over the age of 18. This is a standalone novel - reading my other published novels is welcome, of course, but not necessary.

Lesley's Review

If you like the type of romance books that leave you gushy and warm then this is book is for you but, only if you don’t mind the struggle through the pain to find the peace. This is a book that’s about a love that never seems to come first, but yet, it’s their love for one another that drives this wedge. It’s a love that two people have for each other that never finds the path to come together as one. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful.

“The road to your destination is not always a straight shot. Sometimes the road splits off into different directions and you have to choose”

Donya and Emmett’s story starts in childhood. Donya is the unofficial adopted daughter to Emmett’s parents. She is his sister’s best friend. (You know our heroine Emmy, from “Accidentally on Purpose”.) Donya is considered family. His house is her house. He protects her and watches out for her as an older brother would. Only as they grow the love changes from a familial love to a deep all-consuming love. This is where the troubles begin. The age difference, the strength of the emotions, and the fact that they are to be like brother and sister.  Timing is just as important as the connection.

“I will always love you, but this is not our time. Our time is not now.”

It comes down to making sacrifices that are hard and suck the life right out of you. They truly try make these choices for the best. However, sometimes doing what’s best isn’t what’s right.  Their love shows that soul mates can meet in life and not come together because free will and outside choices can indirectly or directly affect the outcome. And just because that’s your soul mate it doesn’t mean life will go the way of a fairy tale.
BUT in the end these two are tethered together and eventually those paths run together and not in different directions, right?
“I felt like I was going to vomit out my heart, because I sure as hell wasn’t going to need it anymore.”

It always seemed as though life was fighting against fate to keep these two apart. It was painful and tense to watch these two struggle separately and then sometimes together. I really enjoyed the way LD took us through their story. My affection grew as theirs came to life on the pages. At some points in the story I really didn’t know if I was going to end up just as broken hearted as these two. This story was woven to perfection. We go through all the ranges of emotions. I have to say that I never hated the decisions that Donya and Emmett made, I understood them and that made it harder.I saw the stupidity in a couple of them but that’s what makes it real. I saw the complexity and confusion.Their story tortured my heart, crushed it a little, and then made it sing. All I have now are smiles.  Another home run for L.D. Davis. 4.5 stars….

“I am the only one who will ever completely own you and you are the only one that will ever completely own me. Do you understand?”

About the Author
L.D. Davis is a New York Times bestselling author. A 30 something mother, wife, friend, writer, with a half cup of awesome. Just a half cup, though. Her debut novel Accidentally on Purpose was an Amazon best selling novel that landed on the New York Times 3 months after its release.

L.D. Davis is Author of: Accidentally on Purpose, Worthy of Redemption, Worth the Fight, Pieces Of Rhys and Tethered (March 2014).Visit her at www.lddaviswrites.comFacebook.com/LDDavisWritesand on Twitter @LDDAVIS478.

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