Friday, August 9, 2013

***Without Boundaries (the Without Series) by CJ Azevedo Spotlight***

Bailey Hayes moved across the country ten years ago after a tragic accident left her motherless. Distraught, confused and just sad, Bailey opted to leave the only life she has ever known to attend college at NYU. Determined to not experience the loss of a loved one again, Bailey keeps her one friend that she made as a freshmen in college. And that’s it. She dated during her college years but she never let anything really stick. Not trusting herself enough to give her heart and not get hurt she was satisfied with the life she led. That is until she met the handsome, confident and successful Hollister Harrison.
Bailey was swept off her feet instantly with his charm and charisma. Six short months of dating, she finds herself moving in with him. The minute she had her bags unpacked, the fun loving romantic she fell hard for was starting to dwindle away as he became unnecessarily possessive and borderline abusive. Bailey insists on making her relationship work in fear of repeating her past and making a haste decision by leaving too soon. On a weekend when Hollister is out of town, she meets a guy. A beautiful charming guy whom she feels an obvious attraction for, but also a unique connection with. The beautiful charming guy is none other than her running partner’s brother. Bailey finds herself in an oddly nice predicament. 
The beautiful charming guy is none other than her running partner’s brother. Talon McAllister has chosen to dedicate himself to his family’s business his entire adult life. He adores his parents and his sister and hockey. Not leaving much time for anything else he has been single for years. Meeting Bailey Hayes changed his outlook. He wants her. He will do whatever he has to do to get her on the same page. 
Finding out she lives with her boyfriend deters him from his mission of getting her to be his. But when she calls and asks to tag along on his vacation with his sister, he can’t help but get excited. When he picks her up and sees her bruised and battered face he figures “game over” he is going to show her how she deserves to be treated. By the end of their first day together alone, Bailey propositions Talon with a brief relationship without boundaries and no lines to cross. He’s in… all in. 
Will this brief encounter without boundaries relinquish her twisted sense of loyalty to Hollister or will she walk away from her greatest love for fear of repeating her past?

Jenn's Review
We meet Bailey as she’s getting ready for a much needed night out. Kali, a friend from the gym, and Bailey are going to ahockey game, then to the pub afterwards. She’s nervous and has no idea why. She used to go out all the time with her boyfriend, Hollister, but since they moved in together it’s stopped. Things started to change with Hollister after moving in with him and now that he’s out of town, she’s more relaxed than she’s been in a long time. I haven’t even met Hollister at this point and something is telling me I am not going to like him!

A chance encounter with Talon, our tall, dark and handsome hero, outside the bathroom will change everything for Bailey. She had already been having doubts about Hollister but a night of hanging out with Talon and his friends showed her there is better out there. And when Hollister comes home before planned, he lets it be known how much Bailey has upset him, with his hands. Bailey decides to leave town for a few days with Talon and Kali and tries to figure out what she needs to do. Bailey, I can tell you what you need to do!! 

Talon shows Bailey in every way possible that he will be there for and with her. But with this awful situation with Hollister, she doesn’t want to put him in that position. What she doesn’t seem to get is that he wants to be in that position. He wants to protect her from Hollister and provide a better future with her. When Bailey finally smartens up and moves out, she keeps to herself for quite a while. She doesn’t even let her family know what’s going on. 

It takes running into Talon again for the ball to get rolling. ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! When tragedy strikes and Bailey needs to fly home to be with family, Talon proves he’s the man, again. I enjoyed this story very much and there were a few times I would get frustrated. It was mainly the situation with Hollister and Bailey’s inability to leave him. I totally get that she had to have time to herself and heal. She also had to figure out what she wanted to do with her life and what that meant for her future. That said, I wish that Talon had ridden in on his horse and swept her away sooner. The things he did for Bailey had me reaching for the tissues and I thoroughly enjoyed the surprises he prepared for her. It was very touching and once again made me happy she had found her way.

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