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***Lesley's Review of Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins***

Have you ever heard of the old Celtic legends of the Fae - beautiful, magical, and deadly creatures that have a love of messing with humans just for kicks and giggles?

Welcome to my world.

What started out as a strange assignment, lead to one of the most gruesome murder mysteries of our times. My friends and I are set and determined to find out who is killing off Fae and Witches alike.

Couple of problems in the way – I hate the Fae and the Prince of the Dark Fae is bound and determined that I work for him. He’s a rude, overbearing egotistical ass with a compulsive need to possess, dominate and control me. Oh – did I mention that he is absolutely sex-on-a-stick gorgeous and he makes me feel things that I never ever wanted to feel for a Fae...every time he touches me or looks at me with those dangerous golden eyes he seems to pull me further in under his spell, despite my better judgment.

My friends and I can’t trust anyone and nothing is as it seems on the surface – not even me.

Lesley's Review
WOW! I have a total book hang-over at the moment. Fighting Destiny sucked me into its world of witches, Fae and downworlders. It was one of those books that you can completely escape into. I am throwing a bit of a tantrum because I don’t want to be out of it. I couldn’t help but devour it. D*mn, I wish book 2 was here already. (A little birdy says August-ish.)Here’s the low-down on Fighting Destiny.
We meet Syn on a mission to steal the Dark Fae Prince’s Crown.  Right away the action and adventure kick in as we are introduced to her job, with a blast of magic.  She is one of the most powerful witches in the area and loves to kick ass and take names.  But Syn is damaged, carrying past baggage with her that fuels her need to protect against the Fae. When the mission goes all wrong, Syn is left to make some tough decisions and some she’ll have to live with for the rest of her life. She is held captive and must risk having her worst nightmare come to fruition to save what she believes in. Syn comes face to face with the Dark Fae Prince. Ryder.
Ryder, Ryder, Ryder. Holy H*LL ! He’s one of those that you love to hate and hate to love. At first, I was completely appalled by his behavior. He is a sexy,cocky asshole with a superiority complex. He’s dark and dangerous. But hey, he’s the Prince of the Dark Fae. Thou shall show no weakness to those who are beneath you. Let’s just F*&K them stupid and use them however we please. Ryder will use any means necessary to accomplish his end game. He does everything to secure Syn to help. What he finds instead is something intriguing and something he doesn’t want at all. Ryder is drawn to her and she gets to him. There are plenty of times when he could’ve, should’ve cared less however, he does care and actions speak louder than words. He doesn’t want to admit it to himself.Is he overall the good guy or is he really the bad guy? My mind isn’t quite sure.  As much as I wanted to dislike Ryder there is something about his cocky superior self that appeals to me. He is a total bad-ass that has more secrets than we know. 
These two team up (well, not by her choice) with their posse in tow to solve a mystery.Nothing is adding up with the cases. There are mysteries within mysteries. With her witty, take no-shit attitude and Ryder’s “my way or the highway” attitude, it makes for some major head butting.Ryder is pushing her for more. She has a hard time trusting Ryder but somewhere along the line she lets him take one-step in the door. She feels that maybe she trusts him a little. However, when she needs him to trust and listen to her, his superior demeanor comes back into play. He refuses to listen. All hell breaks loose. Syn realizes nothing is as it seems, not even herself.
Some have compared this to the Fever Series. I see the similarities but these are definitely two different stories. While I am a fan of the fever series, I found myself bored with the pace of it at times. With Fighting Destiny there was not a moment of boredom or slow pacing. I felt like I was pulled on a fast ride the moment I started reading. It is seriously packed with mystery, romance and a strong female lead. I can’t say how much I love the fact that she’s not some push over ninny falling to Ryder’s every whim. She has a back bone but also, knows when to bend.  It’s a serious love-hate relationship and it works. Even when they give in, their personalities don’t change. They don’t or haven’t become love sick mush. They are still the strong stubborn a$$es that I love. For almost everything that Ryder dishes out she fights back. I seriously couldn’t get enough of them. Let’s not forget the serious HEAT that’s between the two. WHOA! Easy…don’t put your prude panties on before reading this.
Overall this was a fan-freakin’-tastic read. I look forward -quite impatiently- to the next installment. With that being said I do have to say that the one thing that could be improved upon is the editing. A fresh pair of eyes to comb through and fix typos and some grammatical errors would do a book good. I don’t feel however, that it should reflect on the story. I mean seriously, my brain kind-of auto-corrects as it goes anyway. So, I give the Book 5 BADASS STARS.

About the author
Amelia lives in the great Pacific Northeast with her family. When not writing she can be found on her page Erotica Book Club. She's an avid reader of everything paranormal romance.

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