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She finally found the one… but he has a hidden secret. Could this be the breaking point for Molly? Has she endeared too much?

Drake and Molly had instant chemistry in Kitchen Affairs, but when his secret goes all wrong, their relationship will be tested, feelings get hurt, and limits will be reached.

Someone tries interfering with their relationship keeping them distant; longing for answers in all the wrong places.

Can they recover their once intense, sensual chemistry? Will love be enough? Secrets, betrayals, and scandals…

Chicago’s hottest couple, Molly & Drake, go through big changes, hidden secrets, and tragedies.
“So, I have a little surprise for you,” Drake announced as I dried the last of the dishes.
“Does it involve… cheesecake?” I asked, really craving some sweet dessert.
“It could…” He rushed over to me and slammed me against the wall, taking me by surprise. He pinned my hands up behind my head with his as he smashed his lips to mine. I felt a sudden tingle between my thighs, ready to divulge into him at any moment. “If it did involve cheesecake, I’d set a piece right here…” He paused, kissing my shoulder. “And right here…” He paused again, kissing the other shoulder. “And possibly down here…” He then trailed his kisses down my chest, moving the fabric of my shirt out of his way with his teeth.
“Oh, sweet Jesus, please tell me we have cheesecake,” I pleaded, urging him down further. He released my hands as his mouth lowered down my body placing tender, sweet kisses on my bare skin. “If you keep this up, I’m going to be forced to take you right here and now.”
“That’d be an awfully sweet view for the neighbors,” he mocked, picking me up and carrying me towards the stairs. His lips locked on mine as he walked us up the staircase. I wondered how he managed up the stairs without looking, but after all the activity we normally had, he was a pro by now.
He slammed us against the mattress, frantically ripping my clothes off. I reciprocated by unbuttoning and unzipping everything off him. Fuck, he wears too many layers. He rubbed his hands over my stomach making me cringe every time he brushed a finger over my bare skin.
“You are seriously torturing me,” I amused, enjoying the sensual desires that were firing up within me.
“Don’t worry, baby. I’m going to take good care of you,” he promised. He hovered on top of me, placing light kisses from one shoulder to the other. He spent the next hour taking his time with me, kissing me, and caressing his hands over my bare silky skin.

Lesley's Review
This is the second installment in the Riverside Trilogy. I was anticipating this release to find out how the story was going to go. However, I am having a hard time deciding how to rate this installment. For those who have read my previous review on the first book, you will note that I liked the story but felt somethings were lacking. So, I was excited to read the second book to see how the story came along.
In the beginning we take a trip down memory lane,this time from Drake's POV. We relive the moment he saw her, the moment they first met. Basically, all the key moments from the beginning of the first book. Then the book jumps in to Drake and Molly,where we left off, only they are now living together in the pent house.  They have moved things to the next level. Molly is starting her new position at the resturaunt and life is perfect. Or so they believe. Someone is leaving weird things around the pent house. Drake is keeping a secret that could mess up the good thing they have going. That secret has a plan of it's own. Some people aren't who we think they are. We see Molly and Drake struggle to keep their relationship together and strong. With all the ins and outs of life happening, big changes are in the works.  We discover that there is more madness then we knew. Someone dangerous is after Molly and Drake puts his life on the line.  Will Molly and Drake finally find their happy ending? Not quite or maybe lets just say the story isn't over and we have to wait for book three to have the final say in this story.
Okay, Okay! So, I will admit I fell into the story about halfway through. I became captivated by the story and was taken away. It took me awhile until I got to that point though. In the beginning, the story felt rushed and choppy. It was as if trying to fill you in on everything but in fast forward, and then would slow down for some sexy time. I felt like the scenes that went into detail were only the sex scenes, and well, there were a few of those. Almost to many, I kind-of felt uncomfortable with it. However, once we got past that point in the book, things started getting better and the flow flowed. The characters came alive and the action became real time. And this is where I come to my indecisiveness on the rating of the book. In the beginning it was a 2 for me,(eek..I know)but as the book progressed the style changed and I felt it was a 4. I want to give it a solid 4 but with the beginning plaguing me, I'm going to go in the middle.
3 to 3.5 stars for the second installment. (See I still can't make-up my mind) This book and the previous one are right on the edge for me, I'm so torn with it.  I encourage you all to read this one as I do with all the ones that leave me in the middle.

Author Bio
Brooke is a midwestern gal, from the cheese state of Wisconsin! Go Packers! She's a stay-at-home mom of three beautiful children (one daughter & two stepsons) and a black fury dog. She's studied psychology in college, and counseling and education in graduate school where she found her love for writing. Most days you can find her reading or writing, or just hanging out with her family! She loves movies, cooking, and shopping! She's addicted to Starbucks, Coach purses, and wearing yoga pants.
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