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Ever Harding has finally found where she belongs, with Jack in the sea. Just when she thought she could start her new life, a new threat forms on the horizon. She must make her biggest choice yet. Is she willing to risk everything to save the love of her life and all she holds dear?
James discovers yet again that his purpose is greater than anything he could ever imagine. He thought he had it all figured out, butsometimes things can be very deceiving.Is he willing to stand up for all he believes is right?
In the final book of the ‘Just Breath’ trilogy, Ever and James find themselves not against each other but fighting together to preserve the freedoms of others. Will they be able to defend the right to choose when the odds are hugely against them?

Teaser (James) 
Incessant tapping wakes me. I open my eyes and realize I’m in my jeep and there’s tapping on the window. I glance over and see those perfect aqua eyes that haunt me when I’m awake and asleep. I sit and stare at her savoring the sight. Her lips turn up in a grin and she glances down to her hand. I break my trance and fumble to unlock the door. She opens the door and it’s as if a light is shining down on me. Just being around her brightens everything. I turn the music all the way down.
She climbs into the passenger side and shyly says, “Hi James.”
I’ve lost my words. All I can do is stare. I’m such an idiot.
She waves her hand in front of me breaking whatever hold she had. I look forward out the window to gather my thoughts. Why did I agree to this? I know it’s a mistake but she does something to me that I can’t explain.
I look over carefully and tell her quietly, “It’s good to see you.” It is good to see her. Better than it should be.
She fidgets with her hands in her lap. “I wanted to see how you’re doing. Alex said you came back to land.”
Alex, what the hell? This breaks my trance and I find some words.
“You spoke to Alex? When?”
She looks around and avoids my sudden stare.
“I guess it was yesterday. I wanted to see you but I knew I couldn’t go to the city…”
She trails off the last of her sentence and for good reason. It reminds me of the reason we are here in the first place.
I sigh, “Sara, you tried to kill my sister… twice. Why are you really here?”
She is wringing her hands around in circles now as if she doesn’t hold on, she might lose it.
Pleading she tells me, “I really did want to see you.”
Her hand moves to my arm. That touch could be the death of me. I stiffen not wanting her to let go but hoping she does. Her hand drops back to her lap. I breathe deeply. I must have been holding it in.
Her sad eyes meet mine, “I’m so sorry about your sister. I really am.”
She takes a deep breath and continues, “I thought Jack loved me. He told me to come to the sea and then after I did, he didn’t want anything to do with me. I really did care for him because he made me think he felt the same way.”
My brain turns over. This is a different story than the one I was told. But it remains that she tried to kill Ever and I can’t let that go.
“James, I really like you. I enjoyed our time together and I miss you.”
I place my hands on the steering wheel needing to grab onto something instead of her. What she’s saying to me and how her presence can turn me upside down, kills me.
I say a little too harshly, “I think if you really felt that way, you wouldn’t have tried to kill Ever. Your actions and words say two very different things.”
Her breathing becomes erratic and she looks down crying quietly. It takes everything in me not to console her but I just can’t. There are still so many things that aren’t right.
“Sara, I’m sorry you’re upset. I just need to know why. I mean why you can’t let Jack be with Ever. I don’t know what happened with you and Jack but he is with Ever now.”
She shakes her head sadly and stifles her breathing. She looks up and meets my eyes. If I wasn’t putty before, that did it. I grab her hand and pull her to me, wrapping my arm around her. She sidles closer and lays her head on my shoulder. Did I mention what an idiot I am?

Jenn's Review
Forever Breathing is again a mix of Ever and her brother James’ POVs. We get to see how much their relationship has changed and grown since first learning of the sea. Forever Breathing is the conclusion to the Just Breathe series and it starts right where Barely Breathing ends.
Ever learns of the despair that the battle brought. Alex, Sara and a few others are gone. Gone as in left and she wants to know what happened. Unfortunately, Ever still has a tendency to lose it when she’s stressed or afraid and no one wants to really tell her what’s going on. But it was Sara that tried to kill her and used James to do that. So she’s more than mad that everyone kept this from her. Sara is still out there and she needs to be punished.
But first things first, larger cities are planning another attack and without help, there is no way they can win. The Erebus lost many even though they were able to claim the city and Ever, Jack and James need to figure out the plans of the other cities wanting to fight. They need more on their side if they want to have a fighting chance. But that is not going to be easy. So many are afraid. They have seen so many deaths and would rather hide than take the chance of dying themselves. When Ever finds out that Alex changed sides, she’s hurt. But he came to warn them of the imminent attack. They have so much to prepare for. She goes along with a plan as best she can but it hurts both her and Jack. Her grandfather, Jaspen, will use her any way he can. Even if it puts her in danger.
While James is looking for others to fight, he meets Alody. As soon as he sees her, all thoughts of Sara disappear. It when he touches her, feels the current flow between them that he knows he doesn’t want to leave her.
“Alody, I say her name in my head. It’s music to my ears. There is really something wrong with me. It’s as if I suddenly turned into my sister all emotional and junk.”
And when Ever and James find out what the electrical current feel really means, they know they are finally where they are supposed to be. But that’s not all. There is a story that was told long ago about a mer-person coming to save them from the wrath they have been struggling with. But there is no way she is that person. That’s the stuff of fairy tales, right? There is a real fight coming and they need to be ready and talking about old stories isn’t going to help. At least that’s what Ever thinks.
Join Ever, Jack, James and Alody while they prepare for the fight of their lives. Once again, Heather has painted a beautiful picture of another world. Her descriptions were so detailed I could see it as I read. She concludes the series perfectly but I really wouldn’t mind to see what they are all into a few years into the future! 4.5/5
About the Author

Heather Allen is the author of Just Breathe, Barely Breathing, and Forever Breathing. Heather lives in sunny Florida with her husband and three children. She has dedicated her life to education for the past fifteen years with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and aMasters Degree in Educational Leadership. She finally realized her dream of becoming an author only recently. She savors every moment on this new journey and continues to touch the lives of children now, not only through teaching but also her books.

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