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Title: The Domino Effect (The Domino Series)
Author:  Jill Elaine Hughes
Genre: Erotic Thriller
Publication Date:  March 24, 2013
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Twenty-one-year-old college student and aspiring journalist Nancy Delaney’s nose for news smells a hot story idea when it comes to international playboy and artist Peter Rostovich. But as she works to get her story, she soon becomes intimately entangled with the mysterious Rostovich, who finds her irresistible. He becomes Nancy’s ticket to sexual awakening, and she soon discovers she has an appetite for bondage, too.

And there’s far more to Rostovich than just his art — he’s involved in a strange, violent criminal underworld that kidnaps Nancy and spirits her halfway around the world, where she’s held prisoner and made to serve as private Dominant-for-hire somewhere in the former Soviet Union. Will the sexual powers Rostovich helped awaken in her be Nancy’s only hope for escape? 


Jenn's Review
Nancy is going to school to be a journalist and does freelance work on the side. It gives her extra money on top of her cocktail waitressing. We meet Nancy as her roommate, Hannah, is pleading with her to take a job she has for that night. Hannah would rather go on her date, but she also uses the excuse she needs to write a piece for the Symphony she is attending that night. Reluctantly, she agrees but has no idea what she will be getting herself into. She doesn’t understand contemporary art; it’s not really her thing. She is to do her best to get an interview with the artist, Peter Rostovich. Even though he is a total recluse and hates critics and journalists. Should be easy as cake!

Nancy is immediately drawn to the art. All different kinds are on exhibit. All showing nudity and something else. Bondage. It’s doing something to her that she has no experience with, as she is a virgin.  And a brief and explosive encounter with Peter leaves her shaken. Especially after she passes out! You see, having your wrists tied together, after looking at the arousing art, did something to her. She wanted to know more but it couldn’t be with someone like Peter, could it? The night continues on and is actually cut short by Peter’s models being not so professional behind the curtain. Ahem.
Nancy gets the scoop of her career thus far! And they want more. The editor actually wants an expose’ on Mr. Rostovich and she decides she is doing to get it by any means necessary. Luckily or unluckily for Nancy, Peter is standing behind her as she ends her phone call. He asks her to dinner as an apology for how the night ended. He acts as though he is appalled at the events and states they weren’t planned. She accepts in hopes of getting some of the info she needs. There is some talking but not much in the form of answers to her questions. She ends up leaving quickly; she’s out of her element and needs to get away from him. No man has ever turned her on the way he does and she doesn’t know how to handle it.
Trying to get settled after a late night she gets a text telling her to check her email. He is willing to give her the information she needs for her articles if she agrees to have dinner with him. At his hotel. In his suite. She has a feeling where that could lead and she wants to go and doesn’t want to go. After much debate she ends up going. She needs the information for her article. She also needs to lose her virginity! Peter ends up showing her things that she’s imagined and it doesn’t have anything to do with his art! They get back to that, in a sense, a little later. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end here with declarations of love. No, Peter warns her, telling her she really shouldn’t get involved with him and she has no idea what to think of that. What she does know is that she wants him again and often!
Within a few hours of going home to work on her article, she is kidnapped. This person noticed her months ago and was biding his time to make her his. But now that she isn’t pure, he has other plans. Nancy and Hannah are both taken and knocked unconscious. And, Nancy makes a deal that she will do whatever is asked of her if Hannah is released and taken to a doctor. Deal accepted and she’s taken to the Ukraine. At this point, Nancy does what she has to do to survive and hopefully escape. She HAS to become someone else. She is told to forget her old life; it will do her no good. But her old life better be what saves her. She is going to use her skills as a journalist to save herself. Or she hopes!
I really enjoyed this story! There was pleasure and suspense with a few twists and turns along the way. There is a cliffhanger ending and I’m anxious to see what happens next. I gladly give The Domino Effect 4/5 stars.

Author Bio

JILL ELAINE HUGHES is a professional journalist, playwright, memoirist, and fiction author. She has written for the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader, Washington Post, Cat Fancy magazine, New Art Examiner, and numerous other media outlets. Her plays have been widely published and produced by theaters in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, the United Kingdom, and Australia. She is also the author of several New Adult fiction books. Ms. Hughes also writes erotic fiction under two pen names: Jamaica Layne and Jay E. Hughes.

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