Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lesley's Review of Mr Mysterious in Black by S. Ann Cole

Lesley's Review:

Imagine having a chunk of your life's memories taken from you.  Imagine never knowing if those memories, you think you remember, are just your imagination.  Imagine meeting people who seem to know you but you don't know them. Or how about being the person who remembers but isnt remembered.
We meet Sadie in a time where life is hard. Well, life isn't and hasn't been easy for Sadie. A horrible accident gave her retrograde amnesia. Her father was an abusive whoremonger, who spread a devastating disease to her mother, causing her mother to shrivel away from life. While Sadie has been dealt a tough hand, she isn't a push over. She graduated college with a degree in fashion design. Book smart and street smart, she deals with life as it is.  She accepts people for who they are. Leaving her drug dealer boyfriend for the final time, she's reduced to stripping her clothes for money. As Sadie continues with her daily hustle, she begins to wonder if she has a stalker; Mr. Mysterious in Black, who watches her every night.

"My eyes took the opportunity to devour him, good looking sonuvabitch that he was. Dressed in the only shade I'd ever seen him wear, all-black."

Mr. Mysterious is introduced in the beginning. He talks of a love, his other half that's missing and needs to find her. Receiving a call he decides that it's time to claim her and bring her home. He feels it's time to end her suffering, regardless of the circumstances. He will do whatever it takes, it's been to long. Mr. Mysterious ... Natalio Nelson off to the rescue.  

Sadie and Natalio struggle with finding footing in the beginning. She feels like she's missing something. Who wants to be "just friends" but buy people expensive things and get a person a job ? Apparently, Natalio. He wants to be her savior.  This man of mystery is portrayed very well in the book. He is just that, like a rubiks cube to even us, as the reader. I mean obviously there's a connection between the two but what? What happened? Why is he trying so hard?

" You are the most confusing, contorted, convoluted, person I've ever met. I can't understand you. What is it you want from me?"

" I want you, I want you to want me. I want you to see ME."

Sadie is even more puzzled by Natalio as his cryptic words and poems continue to haunt her. She begins falling for this man..... this man that's seems familiar. Coming to terms that there is more, she decides to trust in Natalio.  Dreams turn into memories. People in the wrong place at the wrong time.....Life deals more bad hands. Will Sadie and Natalio be dealt the winning hand?

Upon starting this book, I was taken back by the choice of words and wording structure. I will admit, I used the dictionary more times than I can count. .The story is so engaging that I quite frankly didn't care what words were used, as long as they continued to tell me Sadie and Natalio's story. It was so mysterious, I couldn't get a feel for where it was going. This story gripped me and sucked me in. At times, I wanted to be biting my nails or hugging myself because of the love and loss these characters felt. My recommendation is for you to give this story the chance it's deserves. Yes, there is some old world language and yoda-isms through out, if you can look past that, it leads to a great story.  I look at it like this ... Modern story with a bit of old world feel. It tends to feel more formal. Bottom line: The story being told is worth the read.  Enjoy it you should. I give this book 4 stars.

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