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My Review of Just Breathe by Heather Allen 4.5 Stars!!!

I want to share with you an author I was introduced to recently. Her name is Heather Allen. Just Breathe is her debut novel and the 2nd book, Barely Breathing is set to be released April 15th. We are the first stop for her blog tour on Wed, April 10. I am posting my review as well as purchase links for Just Breathe. The eBook is on sale for $.99!!
A giveaway is also being offered as part of the blog stop!

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My Review:

We meet Ever Harding as her boyfriend, Michael, decides he wants to break up. They have been together for three years and Ever is heartbroken. Who wouldn’t be? He is her first love and she didn’t see this coming at all! Heather drew me in at the very beginning. Her words broke my heart along with Ever’s and actually took me back to my teenage years. *sigh

She is about to turn 18, a senior in high school and her plans for the future just came to a screeching halt. Ever is miserable but does her best to keep a smile on her face that only her best friend, Gabbi, can see through. Working past her pain, she is finally starting to feel better. Arriving at school one morning she finds Gabbi waiting and ready to tell her the new gossip. Michael is dating again. Great! He’s moved on and she’s trying to get through the day without crying. More miserable than before, she’s extra moody and snapping at everyone around her.

Gabbi decides to take matters into her own hands and makes Ever go out one Friday night. Not happy about this, she complains the entire way. “Ever, this is for your own good. The only way you are going to move on, is to face up to it.” To that I would say, what the whaaaat?? Best friend or not, I might have to hurt someone if they made me watch my ex while on a date! Ever is furious and very uncomfortable.

The weeks are finally passing and Ever is doing her best to forget about Michael. Her passion is swimming and that is where she feels she is in her element. Her favorite spot is at a lake that few people populate and it’s perfect when she wants to work out her frustrations. This particular day she feels she isn’t alone. Not seeing anything she continues her laps. She finally spots something that looks like lights jumping around. Curious, she gets out and dressed. Determined to find the source, she starts walking toward the lights. She spots a boy lying in the grass and the lights are coming from his fingers. Again, what the whaaat?? Frightened, she takes off running before she can be seen. This day marks the start of some very realistic dreams about running away from someone chasing her.

The next day starts just like any other but this time while sitting in class, someone takes the empty seat that was vacated by Michael. Risking a glance she sees the guy from the lake next to her. Jack Tanner is his name and she can’t take her eyes off him! I love her reaction to him! When he turns his blues eyes on her, she forgets everything else. Breathe Ever!! They have a couple classes together and she’s been asked to help him, so he can catch up on his work. Any opportunity to see his blues eyes is fine by her. Wait, did I say blue? Now his eyes are green. No, they are blue again! What’s that about?

They begin to see more of each other, and she’s noticing that Jack is holding something back. He remains cryptic and she is confused. That’s OK; he is taking her the beach for the first time and Ever is determined to get answers. From Jack, she learns that when she turns 18 she has an important choice to make. Remain on land and have no memory of Jack and anything he’s shared with her or choose to live in the sea. Her love of the water is making sense to her now but this will mean giving up everything she loves on land.  Heather begins to paint us a beautiful picture of a world under the sea. And what Ever thought to be black and white is not the case at all. What she does know, she’s fallen in love with Jack but he always seems to disappear when she needs him the most. Through Jack’s sister, Amber, Ever learns she has a huge role to play in the future of all the mer-people. Both sides have appealed to Ever, hoping she will choose them. In the end, she decides she is going to choose Jack. She loves him and will fight for him. If only she can find him! What she finds is lies and deceit from Jack. Replaying everything in her head from the beginning, she feels foolish. Blinded by his good looks and choice words, a disaster is going happen and it could be all her fault.

I loved the story Heather gave us. I was not expecting what came when the other shoe dropped. I am very much looking forward to see what happens in Barely Breathing!!
4.5/5 stars!!! 

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