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TITLE – Jealousy
AUTHOR – Jenna Galicki
RELEASE DATE – July 3, 2013
GENRE – Contemporary Romance


When Heather Cooper married Peter, she thought that she had finally found someone who could handle the inseparable bond she shares with her gay best friend, Justin Perrotta. It’s only a matter of time, however, before jealousy rears its ugly head and Peter’s true feelings emerge. He starts drinking and his erratic behavior threatens their marriage.

Burned by an ex-boyfriend, Justin refuses to open his heart to love again. Wild relationships and one night stands leave him lonely and unfulfilled, even though he will not admit it. He finds love when he least expects it, but his fear of commitment threatens to ruin the best thing that has ever happened to him.

In this modern day ‘Will and Grace’ meets ‘Sex and the City’, two best friends, a straight woman and a gay man, struggle to find someone to love as much as they love each other.

Justin lay on the cold, hard operating table with his arms outstretched. He looked like he
was being crucified. A large round light blared down on him, like a giant sun. A nurse
methodically attached an IV to his right arm and another strapped a blood pressure cuff to his left. A third nurse hooked him up to an EKG machine, and yet another nurse counted out surgical instruments and placed them on a tray. The light reflected off of the highly polished implements like a mirror, and temporarily blinded him. One of the other nurses turned on a monitor behind his head, and its constant beeping rang in his ears. His heart pounded in his chest and beads of sweat formed on his forehead. Again, he wished he took the sedative.

Justin looked from face to unrecognizable face. They all looked the same behind pale
blue masks and surgical caps. At last he found a pair of bright green eyes smiling at him. He forgot that Kenny was next to him, holding his hand.

Kenny stroked it with reassurance. “Everything’s fine, honey. I’m right here. Just take a
couple of deep breaths.”

The anesthesiologist asked Justin several questions. He watched the movements of the
anesthesiologist’s hands as they prepared the narcotic that would render him unconscious. The doctor inserted the needle into a tiny jar of fluid and pulled the plunger back. Clear liquid filled the barrel of the syringe, and the doctor held it up to the light to examine its contents. He depressed the plunger slightly, and a small squirt of the drug shot out the top of the needle and into the air. It took the doctor eight seconds, at most, to fill the syringe, but to Justin, it felt like an hour.

The anesthesiologist held up the syringe with a gloved hand. “Are you ready, Mr.

Justin turned to Kenny. “Make sure you take care of Heather, in case . . .”

“Don’t you worry about anything, honey.”

The anesthesia traveled through Justin’s veins. He tried to blink, but his lids were too
heavy. As he drifted off into unconsciousness, his last thoughts were of Heather.

Meet Heather Cooper – 

Somewhat insecure and emotionally fragile on the outside, she battles the injustices and heartache the world throws at her with an inner strength she doesn't realize she possesses.   Sexually free and uninhibited, her marriage lacks the love and passion she craves.   Loyal, kindhearted and caring, she’s always ready to fight to the death to defend her best friend, Justin.

Meet Justin Perrotta - 

Relentlessly bullied as a child, he triumphed over ridicule.  Now, confident and assertive, he credits his transformation to his best friend, Heather.  Forever indebted to her, he shields and protects her.   Shattered by betrayal and afraid to love again, he guards his sensitive heart with promiscuity.  

 I am a newly published author of adult contemporary romance, geared toward male/male romance.

My debut novel, Jealousy, is a modern day 'Will & Grace' meets 'Sex & the City' - only hotter. A reviewer recently gave me a a tremendous compliment by comparing it to 'Jane Austen' meets '50 Shades".

In Jealousy, I am blending genres, in that it has both m/f and m/m romance. I am introducing the reader to m/m romance, in a way that is tender, touching and loving. I want to make m/m romance novels mainstream in the literary industry. I want to take it from the back shelf and put it on the front shelf. I want to walk into a major retail book store and see boy meets boy, right along side boy meets girl.


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