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Sometimes rules must be broken.
Sometimes your beliefs are challenged.
Other times... you just have to follow your heart.
For Marine Corps Sgt. Alex Cruz, the Corps' rules and regulations have served as a blueprint for how he should live his life. In his mind, the way to maintaining proper conduct and order relied heavily on the ability of the individual to follow orders without question. Alex was that individual.
Pfc. Cassie Bennett.
She is brand new to the Corps, looking to cement a place in the world for herself after breaking free from the oppressive life she's lived with her mother. Making it in the Corps is her way of showing her mother that she is more than she thinks she is, while also proving to herself she can survive one of life's biggest challenges.
Both Alex and Cassie are tested when an intensely strong attraction develops between them. They feel it, they want it, but one thing stands in their way... The Marine Corps order on Fraternizing. Their lust filled thoughts, their strong and aching cravings for one another, and their conflicted minds lead them on a roller coaster of emotions and feelings that neither can ignore, no matter how hard they try.
Loyalties will be tested, hearts will be broken, and careers will hang in the balance. Can Alex and Cassie keep their forbidden relationship a secret, or will they lose it all by Fraternizing?

Lesley's Review
I'm super excited to be reviewing Fraternizing by CC Brown. When I found out it was about Marines, I was instantly intrigued. I'm sorry but who doesn't love a tough man in a uniform? I know I surely do.  One of my favorite movies is Top Gun. It started at a young age, staring at those beautiful morsels with their aviators and attitudes. Alex seems to fit in there just perfectly. (Fans self)
It begins with meeting Alex Cruz and the gang at the local hangout, Coyotes. They are celebrating Alex being selected for promotion to Staff Sgt. The guys are getting plastered. Go hard or go home. When Alex's eye has been caught by a beautiful young lady dancing. One thing leads to another and the sexual tension is just coursing through their veins. Oh hell. I am not kidding. This book is packed with it. It's been awhile since I've had to really fan myself for the blood rushed to my cheeks. Eventually, they are interrupted and the night end withthem going their separate ways.
Ha, no worries, fate is a cruel tease. We soon find out that Cassie is a Marine as well. Pfc. Cassie Bennett to be exact. As her name is called for roll, her eyes make contact with Sgt. Alex Cruz.
Well son of a.....
Forbidden fruit always seems to have a magnetic pull.  Cassie and Alex acting on attraction is not only forbidden because he is her instructor but she is his subordinate.  He is her NCO (non-commissioned officer).  According to military law, it's illegal and you can be court martialed for such an offense. This spells disaster for both of their careers. Her just budding one and his fast climb up the ranks.
Oh boy.....
Sgt. Cruz is one of the best Marines on post. One that everyone looks up to. Alex’s entire life is the USMC. He tough but fair.  So, when he can’t get his mind off of Pfc. Bennett he battles his corps code and with his heart. If you ask me, When someone tells you that you can’t, you want to do it more than ever. Alex needs to figure out if she is worth the consequences.
Being a female in a man’s world is tough. Cassie’s chosen field is tough. She’s made it this far and she’s going to prove that she has what it takes. Life in the corps turns out to be giving her a run for her money. She has a bitch of a roommate, an instructor who sends her body and mind all fuzzy just by speaking. There are several jealous eyes watching her.  She’s unfocused and it shows. However, Cassie is tough and she owns her responsibilities and steps up to the plate.
Alex and Cassie come together. Damn the consequences.
Alex marched his way into my heart and Cassie is a strong proud young woman. I adored her as well as some of the other characters. Their story felt real. Their problems felt real. I could relate. I believe Mrs. Brown did a wonderful job with the descriptions, the characters, the settings. I mean the whole nine. Everything was very accurate down to some of the personalities the corps is known to produce. Another serious topic is touched on towards the end of the book. It is something the military has been fighting against for a while.  I’m sure more about it will come out in the second book. I feel it’s good to shed some light and I’m anxious to see how it’s dealt with. I’m sorry that sounded coded but my lips are sealed. Now, the only qualm I had with this one was the amount of sex. (That sounds like a contradiction) I liked the tension and the scenes were intensely hot, but when they were together I wanted more than just sex at times in the book. Or maybe, more happening then just sex. I guess what I’m trying to say is, the story felt like it stalled a bit and I may have skimmed…..eeekkk! Sorry, but I wanted more of the story, so I fast forwarded a little. (I did it to FSOG….*shrugs*)   I knew they were hot together. Hey, lots of sex is good when it’s really happening but for the spectator, not so much. With that being said, I still absolutely loved this book and that’s the only reason I didn’t give it a full 5 stars.  I can’t wait to read COMPROMISE (#2 in the series) to see what happens with Alex and Cassie.  I give it 4.5 stars

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