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***Lesley's Review of Forbidden (Book 1: The Arotas Trilogy) by Amy Miles***

Roseline Enescue didn't ask to become an Immortal, to have all of the guests at her wedding slaughtered, or be forced into marriage with a man whose lust for blood would one day ignite the vampire legend. Willing to risk everything for a chance at a normal life, Roseline escapes to America. Terrified her husband Vladimir will find her, Roseline enrolls as a senior in Chicago's elite Rosewood Prep school. Mingling with humans is the last place he would look for her. But her transition into the human world isn't easy. Mortal men flock after her while cutthroat girls plot her demise. Yet Roseline remains relatively unfazed by the petty hysteria until she falters into the arms of Gabriel Marston, reluctant MVP quarterback, unwilling ladies man, and sensitive artist in hiding. Troubled by the bond that pulls her towards the mortal boy, Roseline tries to ignore him, but Gabriel is persistent. As their lives entwine, Roseline begins to realize that Gabriel is much more than he appears. His ability to toss a football the entire length of the field and grind concrete into dust pales in comparison to the glowing blue cross tattoo that mysteriously appears on his forearms. Despite the forbidden bond between them, Roseline can't help wondering what Gabriel is: He's not human. He's not Immortal. So just what is he?

Lesley's Review

Roseline Enescue has lived her life as a captive. Like a doll, being pulled out to play with when her husband felt the need. Her husband the cruel man, who murdered her family and turned her into the creature she is. He is the one Dracula rumors were created after. She has lived with his sick twisted ways for centuries. But today it ends. She escapes the elusive Bran Castle with the help of her dear friend Fane and flees to America.
Roseline, Rose as she is known now, enrolls in a private high school. Her plans to remain unnoticeable fading with each day that she is there. Meeting and making unexpected friends. Telling fib after fib.  She strives for a little bit of normal. However, nothing is as easy as it seems. When she comes across Gabriel, Rose notices that she is inexplicably drawn to him. She is confused and avoids him as much as possible.
 Rose decides that maybe it’s best to run. But Fate has its own plans because Gabriel hunts her down and finds her. Rose realizes what she’s been trying to deny, she can’t avoid him any longer, they’ve bonded. She is scared and confounded. How is she bonded to a human? It’s just not possible and quite frankly, dangerous. With their love for each other growing and coming under attack from all areas, they struggle to maintain their relationship. More things are happening with Gabriel, he is changing and Rose has no answers. She contacts Fane.
When they are least expecting it, Fane shows up to take Roseline back to Romania. Fane guilt’s her into doing it to save her friends. Gabriel realizes that Rose is gone. Her friends are worried and it’s time for Gabe to figure out just what is happening.  An unlikely person seems to have some answers and may help them save Rose. But is he the enemy? Can Nicolae look past something that was taught since child hood? Gabriel, Will, Sadie, and Nicolae head to Romania to save Rose.
I don’t want to give too much away in my review. I feel that not knowing what to expect for the most part adds to the books charm.  The end of the book is action packed and suspenseful. I have a feeling this series is just getting started. I will admit that in the beginning things moved at little slow for me, but I was still intrigued enough to keep moving.  Before I knew it, I was sucked in.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this group of characters. This is a YA/paranormal genre novel. So, for those who don’t mind it being on the clean side it’s a great read.  I rate it 4 stars.  Reckoning is the next novel in this series, The Arotas novels.

About the Author
Amy Miles is the author of Forbidden, Reckoning and Defiance Rising. When she's not writing, Amy can be found traveling, cuddled up with a good book or beating her husband at Scrabble.

Amy is currently working to release five more books in 2013.

Redemption (Book III of the Arotas Trilogy)
Immortal Rose (Prequel to the Arotas Trilogy)
Relinquish (Book II of the Rising Trilogy)
Netherworld (Book I of the Hallowed Realms Trilogy)
And an NA contemporary romance that is still to be named

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