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Centuries of loyalty

His code of honor was respected without question, until he consumed the blood of an enemy in exchange for a mortal woman to be set free from certain slavery.

He can’t forget her

Despite knowing, he will be imprisoned and put to death if caught, Balen, a fierce Senses Tracker, returns to Toronto to find the mortal woman, Danielle, he left behind two years ago. Haunted with memories of the torture they endured in the hands of a Senses enemy, Balen’s determination to see her again, drives him to risk everything. But when he does, a new enemy comes into play, one he can’t defeat. 

To conquer the wrath of fear

Determined to find some sort of peace after her abduction, Danielle finds solace in painting a man from her nocturnal unconsciousness. When he comes knocking on her door, her world is shattered and Danielle must face her worst fears in order to survive what is coming after them. It won’t stop. It can’t. For the ancient spell has no compassion. 

A journey of tenacious desire that refuses to fade even though that is what will destroy them. Because—in order for Danielle to live, first she must die.
**Note from Author-the prologue is violent and some may have a difficult time reading. This book is intended for mature audiences.**.
Uncontrolled desire ruled his thoughts, seeking the one thing he’d denied himself for two hellish years. A feral lack of restraint swept across his mind, heating his skin to a fire that would be impossible to extinguish. Her lips plied easily beneath his demanding assault, opening to his tongue as he tasted what he had to have. Her. This woman. An immense cavalcade of emotions shot through him.
He’d tried since the day he walked away to forget her eyes, those fierce, resolute cinnamon eyes that had turned into ones of torment. Every time he closed his own, he pictured her, his little one, a free spirit who’d once soared with the birds but now was ensnared in a deadly trap. He needed to free her. End this for both of them.
Her hands came up between them and she laid her palms on his chest beneath his open coat. He groaned begging for more yet knowing it was hazardous. He was undeserving of such a remarkable woman.
But he needed her, goddamn it.
Her tongue boldly swept into his mouth, and his insides erupted with a wild possessiveness. His hand pushed on the small of her back, needing to feel her body up against him, never getting enough, as if he were drowning, sucked into an abyss of pure rapture. Without this woman he held protectively in his embrace, he was a lost soul.

Sandy B's Review:
You like vampires?  You like a dark read?  You like an alpha male who is not sweetness and roses?  Are you a fan of paranormal reads?  You will find all of that in Jump by Cindy Paterson. 
This book opens in the middle of a torture scene.  Doesn’t sound very romantic does it?  However, Balen has broken the law by saving Danielle from what would have been certain torture, slavery and abuse by a very bad vampire.  Balen is one of the senses – supernatural being charged with protecting human beings from dark things that exist among us. 
Danielle is human.  She has dreams of evil things that go bump in the night and the green eyed man that saved her from being tortured.  At least she thinks it was all a dream until Balen comes walking in her door and we’re off and running – literally.
Jump is appropriately named because it is an exciting read.  A few times I yelled at my Kindle.  My kids gave me that look.  You know the one – that “what the heck is wrong with her “ look.  I couldn’t be bothered with what they thought!  Balen and Danielle were in danger (again).  The battles here between good and evil are not the things that Disney movies are made of – for sure.  Yet I kept reading and the more I read, the more I liked it.  There is action, there is adventure, and there is romance, the steamy element and angst that I so love are there too. 
I admit that sometimes I wanted to smack Danielle.  Really?! These things are trying to kill them and sometimes it seemed like she wanted to run smack into the danger instead of away from it.  Jump is unique and different from the same old same old in a good way. 

If you’re looking for hearts, flowers and sunshine then Jump is not for you.  Now, if you want a read that leans towards the dark but will excite you, intrigue you and suck you in – then Jump may be right up your alley. 

Author Bio:
I am Xamien's secret lover. Well, in my head I am and since I'm single this is completely allowed. Some of you may ask, who is Xamien, don't worry you will meet him soon enough, but no falling in love with him. He is all mine.
Writing books is a fantastic way to have adventures that are impossible to have otherwise. I mean do you really want to fall in love with Waleron? He is so unstable and would never pick up after your dogs or clean the litter box. Not to mention the fact that he is always out killing disgusting grave robbing bug people.
Curling up with a good book and losing yourself to another time and place is the greatest reward. Being able to feel a character's emotions, their fears, pain and love. Now that is incredible. I relish in the books that stay with me long after they have ended. This is what I strive for in my writing. To give the readers, and myself, an escape into another world, my world.
I have been writing since I was twelve. My parents, sorry mom and dad, would send me to my room for an hour every night to do homework, and instead I wrote stories. Oops, guess that is why i did so bad in math.
I have never stopped writing since then and never will. It's like an addiction, but a good one. I adore stepping into the shoes of a character and deciding their fate. The characters are why I write. I want to fall in love with them (even the bad ones), so that I care about what happens to them in a story. If I can't care about the characters then why bother with the story.
I live in Toronto with a menagerie of pets that keep me on my toes.
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Cindy Paterson

Author of “JUMP”

1) On Valentine’s Day when I was fourteen my dad was taking me out for dinner and instead drove up the driveway of a horse farm. There in the field was a big chestnut horse with a pink bow around his neck. It said, ‘To my daughter on Valentine’s Day Love Dad.’ I had my horse Sunny for twenty years.

2) I was eating chicken wings one day and suddenly I stopped, put it down and never touched meat again for 19yrs.
3) My mom used to give me what looked like the ‘bowl’ haircut when I was a kid. UGH.
4) I cut off a police officer making a left hand turn when I was 16 years old. He wasn’t happy and gave me a reckless driving charge.
5) Really rare…my horse Nash was born a twin out in my back field.
6) I can make the best French Onion soup and grilled cheese, but that’s about it.
7) I’ve had my hands inside my Newfie’s and Yorkie’s abdomens. Yep, I assisted in spaying them and did all their sutures.
8) I’m terrified of flying. I mean completely petrified. I had to go to the hospital before one flight because I was so stressed out my jaw locked shut. I still fly as I never want it to stop me from enjoying life, but damn it sucks.
9) I hand raised several baby raccoons over the years for my work. One of them never left. I named him Buddy and had him for seven years. He had a cat door in my window to leave whenever he wanted. He never did. Buddy slept in bed with me, loved to have a shower, opened the fridge and cleaned the cats. Also, he used a litter box. Buddy died of a kidney tumor ten years ago and I still miss him to this day (But I never want another one, LOL).
10) I did my course for dog Massage Therapy.
11) I went to boarding school for two years and loved it. I also worked there in the summers looking after the horses as it was also a camp.
12) I’m not a shopper. Don’t like trying on clothes or shoes or looking for that perfect outfit. But I do love purses.
13) I smashed my car into a hydro pole when I was in my late teens. The wires fell on my car and I was so scared I jumped out. A big big no no. The cop couldn’t figure out how I was still alive. When she looked down at my feet, she saw I was wearing rain boots. They saved my life.
14) When I’m feeling down, I buy a fish. A live fish. Currently, I have three fish tanks at work and three at home.
15) Writing about men with tattoos has made me want one, so I’ve finally decided on the perfect image to get on my side. A calligraphy style horse head.
16) I have a scar on my left leg from a German Sheppard bite and another running the length of my right outer thigh from a coat hanger sticking out of a garbage bag.
17) I love to try to fix everything myself. So, I was re-flooring my spare bedroom and ripping out the old carpeting when the X-Acto knife slipped and went straight into my upper thigh.
18) Never been married. Just haven’t met the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with. Oh well, book boyfriends are hot. Bonus…I can make my own book boyfriends.
19) I’d rather swallow a box of nails then do any kind of public speaking.
20) I have a Red-footed Tortoise named ‘Bucket’.

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