Wednesday, November 5, 2014

***Jenn Reviews Schooled 4.0 - The Teacher's Edition by Deena Bright***

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Schooled 4.0
The “SMUT-TACULAR” Teachers’ Edition
Four Books in One
“How far will you go for an A?”

The horrifying shock of witnessing her husband banging his skank-whore secretary spurred this ever-wholesome and rule-following teacher to seek some new lessons of her own. A young teacher learns about sexuality, pleasure, and satisfaction from rather unlikely and forbidden teachers, her former students, now recent college graduates. Not only does she get SCHOOLED by the beautifully-built, all-American football player who struggled to pass her class, but she also learns a few tricks from the innocent, well-read, and thoroughly sexy bookworm. Both men teach her that not all curricula worth learning comes from a book. But when it’s time to make THE FINAL LESSON PLAN, the newly-sexualized teacher must take the curriculum further into the bedroom and even closer to her heart in order to decide which scholar will graduate “cum lade.” 

But while the teacher is working on her lessons, her friend is making some heat of her own in CHAR GRILLED JASPER, burning up the pages with sexy secrets and sizzling sensuality. Meanwhile, a “girls only” class is experimenting in the sciences with a focus on chemistry, physics, and of course anatomy in ALL GIRLS’ SCHOOL.

This book is for mature, open-minded people. All others: one-click something else, because this book is graphically erotic and not for the faint of heart.

Jenn's Review

Christ on a cracker, I love Deena Bright! I had read Schooled and Schooled Too, back when they were released and laughed my way through both. Not to mention, the woman knows how to write a sex scene. So, when I was given the chance to read Schooled 4.0, I didn’t have to think twice.

This time, we are given Char and Jasper’s story, along with Sarah’s. And, I found myself getting quite emotional with both.

I love Char and Jasper! They are hilarious and it was awesome watching their relationship develop and play out, all in secret. That man knows how to use his…money! What did you think I was going to say?

And Sarah? Watching her figure things out and deciding what she wants was beautiful! I liked her character from the very beginning and I’m very glad that Deena gave us more of her.

Be ready to laugh your @$$ off and fall in love with several different people! Oh, and enjoy the accolades at the end of each book. They, too, are hilarious! 

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