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***Lesley's Review of Wicked Flames (Book 3, A Solsti Prophecy) by Sharon Kay


Gin Bonham lives with a dark secret. Born with an ability she never wanted, she builds her life around science and logic, running from the terror she is capable of causing. When sexy stranger Mathias spots her on a dance floor and cuts in, he leads Gin in a sensual rhythm that continues long after the music stops. But Mathias hides the fact that he knows exactly what she can do: in the deepest recesses of her mind lurks the power to manipulate fire. Destiny is coming for her and it doesn’t care if she’s ready or not.

Mathias possesses tracking and espionage skills so extraordinary that his fellow Lash demons call him The Hunter. Pursue and interrogate. He never fails. When he is tasked with coaxing Gin to work with the Lash demons against a common enemy, he relishes the challenge. But meeting her awakens a new, primal drive that pulls him toward her even as his tactics break her heart.

Failing to win Gin’s cooperation is not an option. But she is determined to flee, putting thousands of miles between her and any other supernatural creatures, including Mathias. Can she cool the charred embers of her emotions enough to forgive Mathias and embrace what she was meant to become? Or will her ability explode into something more than she can control?

Lesley's Review

 Wicked Flames is the third installment of the Solsti Prophecy series. We’ve heard of the sister in denial. The one who has the explosive gift, Gin.She is on a mission to finish her degree and change the world for the good. Only, her saving the world starts with Agriculture Science, not with her special powers.

The leader of the Lash Demons has sent Mathias, aka “The Hunter”, to talk some sense into the Solsti. She has to understand that to save the world from the evil coming they will need all four of the Solsti together. Gin, however, is not having any of this crazy crap. I mean seriously, they call their home Demon central. Really. Demons, other worlds, MATES.  This is the real world people. Psh, she doesn’t really think Brooke and Nicole are crazy. She just doesn’t have time for all that.

Except Gin can’t escape the life she was destined for. I mean if it’s destiny, it will be. It comes crashing into her life and if not for the foresight of the Lash demons, she may have been lost.

This was just another job to Mathias.  What he didn’t expect to find was a woman who sets him on fire. Literally and figuratively speaking, Gin could do that. She just might literally set him on fire after the way Mathias worked his way into her life. Let’s not forget the best friend that lied as well. She’s fighting mistrust on all sides. With no choice but to use the curse she was given, and trust these two, she becomes one with the flame.

“ I’m your personal Zippo, remember?”

It seems that these two were meant to be a team. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. With her fiery attitude and Mathias’s fighting skills these two embark on one heck of a journey. Finally, coming to terms with the world as it really is, Gin finally meets back up with her sisters and the new members of her family. She has powerful forces behind her. She just might make some good changes in the world.

Ms. Kay weaves this world so wonderfully. From each book to the next, the story continues flawlessly. It’s like you never really left.Her kickass female leads mesh wonderfully with the strong lash demon leads. All the while never sacrificing either personality. She has a way of making it entertainingly sexy anddon’t forget adventurous. 

She has successfully hooked me for the next book. She worked some magical mystery into this installment to prepare us for the next Solsti. “On Wicked Ground” I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

 Wicked Flames gets 4 flaming stars. Well done.

About the Author
Sharon Kay writes award-winning fiction and can never get enough reading time. She loves paranormal romance, with romantic suspense following close on its heels. She loves winter and black coffee, and is endlessly inspired to write kick-ass heroines and the men strong enough to capture their hearts.

Sharon lives in the Chicago area with her husband and son, and didn’t expect to write one book, let alone a series. But WICKED WIND and the Solsti series formed in her head one weekend and refused to stay quiet until she put pen to paper. Her characters tend to keep her up at night, as they banter, fall in love, and slay endless varieties of power-hungry demons.


Twitter: @sharonkaynovels


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