Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review of Breaking the Wrong


Going into this book I was not a Macsen Sloan fan.  In Every Which Way, Macsen is sort of an ass and I am team Thayer all the way!  I have been awaiting this book for months and it did not disappoint!!!  In this book we were able to peel back the layers of Macsen and see what makes him tick.  If I had to put up with what he had to endure I would probably be an ass too!  He has had to endure such heartbreak and disappointments in his life; relationships do not come easy for him.  Then there is Emilia...  Her family has suffered a tragedy so she makes a burn list to seek revenge on those parties responsible.  Her number one target…Macsen.  What she didn’t expect was to fall for him.  They are more alike than different and their chemistry is amazing!   

Calia Read did a suburb job on drawing me into this book and converting me to a fan of Macsen when I had zero expectation of liking him.  Darn you Calia!!   There are twists and turns I never saw coming that floored me! This book rotates POV between Emilia and Macsen.  I love when authors do this because you can get inside the characters head and what they are thinking and feeling! Even if you have not read Every Which Way, this book could be read as a standalone but I highly recommend reading EWW first so you get the dynamics of the characters as they carrying over to this book as well.  I highly anticipate more to come of the Sloan brothers!

My favorite quotes from this book:

"I'm trying to shut down my brain.  I'm trying to get to know the guy in front of me, and it's working.  But I'm failing when it comes to not feeling"

"He stares directly at me, past my skin and everything I work so hard to hide."

"A kiss cannot replace the past.  But with every kiss to his skin, my hurt becomes a distant memory.  All the pain is gone and all I can feel is the blood roaring throughout my body.  My lips tingle as I drag them across his jaw. When I reach his lips, I stop, and hover. I can only go so far before it's his turn to take control"

"How can I be doing this? None of this is part of my plan.  My mind torments me and tries to pull me back to reality, but Macsen is my weakness.  I can't stop"

"You can't heal a heart that’s been fragmented.  Buy my wounds are closing.  Stitch by stich, I'm starting to feel again.  I can't undo the past and stop everything that has happened. However, I can try to take a tiny step forward"

“I want him to miss me right now, tomorrow and every single day of his life.  I want every day that he’s not around me to be the agony that I feel”

“His words tug on my heart and make me want to forget everything that’s happened. But I can’t”

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